Pre Grilling Season

14 Mar

The weather has been gorgeous this week! This means one thing….Grilling Season! Here at McLean Beef we are starting to prepare for our busiest time of the year. We are getting stocked up on steaks, ground beef and hamburger patties. The only downfall this grilling season is consumers will be paying a little more for their quality dry aged beef. Cattle prices have been going up which of course drives up the retail side of beef as well. We still think consumers will still be willing to pay the extra dollars to get a good piece of meat.

Other news for McLean Beef, we will be putting up 2 news signs 1/2 mile north and south from the store. We feel this will draw more traffic from Highway 81 to our store. It’s always great to meet new customers and find out where they are from or where they are traveling to.

That’s what’s new for now. Oh don’t forget to stop by the store and try some of our new Jalapeno Ground Beef! It’s great for hamburgers, meatloaf, tacos and more.

Hope you can stop by and see us!

Char Mae

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One response to “Pre Grilling Season

  1. chance

    May 28, 2015 at 10:43 PM

    I have been busy the past 3 years


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