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Spring is around the corner!!!

As we have had a short and mild winter, we have to be thankful that we were able to keep our insanity at McLean Farm.  Having a mild winter this year has given us time to catch up on jobs that have been needed to be done.  

As planting season is quickly approaching, I have been become more anxious to get outside and move some dirt!  This month, I will be getting out farm equipment and spending some time in the shop. My planter will be the biggest job for me this month because it was in need for major repairs.  I have decided to add a couple of attachments to my planter to improve efficiency.  Hopefully if all goes well I could possibly get out in the fields and do some strip-till/fertilizing before planting.  Lastly, I have traded my old tractor (Buhler Versatile 2145)  in for a newer one (NewHolland T8020).  This new tractor will provide more power, and more fuel efficiency than my old one.  

As for me and my family, Amanda and I have been really busy with our 6 month old daughter, Bentley.  Bentley has given Amanda and I great joy in our life.  We thank God everyday for her.  Amanda has been busy with work and caring for Bentley.  It seems like nights go so fast after work.  Words in our household are; “How was your day?” “Can you feed Bentley?” “Can you change Bentley’s diaper?” “Do the dishes.” ” Do the laundry.” etc. oh. and “Good Night”.  It’s funny how a child changes your life.  For the better of course. 

Chance McLean

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Posted by on March 1, 2012 in Farming