McLean Feedyard is located in the heart of irrigated corn country. We will feed all classes of cattle, specializing in light cattle. We offer pen sizes ranging from 75-200 head capacity. Our feedyard currently has a capacity of 4000 head. We are fortunate to have major packers within a 125 mile radius, which include JBS Swift, Tyson, and Cargill.

Health Program           

  • Pens checked daily
  • New cattle check A.M & P.M.
  • Consulting Veterinarian
  • Consulting Nutritionist
  • Health programs for maximum performance
  • Computerized records


  • Cattle Financing
  • Feed Financing
  • Risk Management Assistance
  • Partnership & Retained Ownership Feeding
  • Stocker/Feeder Cattle Procurement & Sales
  • Pre-shipment Animal Health
  • Projections & Closeouts
  • “Name Peril” Insurance
  • Grainbank
  • Computerized Records/Billings
  • Electronic Identification
Carcass Data
  • Groups or Pen Average (no fee)
  • Individual Data (fee)
Marketing Options
  • Cash or Live Basis
  • Formula Grid – Based on Yield and Grade
  • Forward Contracting
  • In the Beef – Based off the Yield
  • Certified Hereford Beef (CHB)
  • Beef Quality Assurance (BQA)

“We believe that efficiency is the key to success. We are proud of our dedicated staff.”


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